We Make Software Development Feel Like the Smoothest Process in the World.

All you want is an efficient business and a rewarding, high-quality software product.

And with a comprehensive technological and economical understanding of your business challenges, we have all it takes to make that happen.

Though it’s a great idea to make use of our consulting insight and involve us in projects at their earliest stages, you’re welcome to ask for our help during any phase of your development process. Even if things turn out to be a bit of a handful, there’s nothing we can’t excel at if we work together. It’s been proven time and time again: we can do it. Our 20-year background is our most credible advocate.

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Mobile application development.
Web application development. Custom made.

All built from the ground up.
You have specific application development needs. Our certified experts are proficient in emerging and established programming languages, and have in-depth understanding of most recent technologies – insuring every project meets the right set of skills.

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly ok if you’re not sure about certain details. Maybe you need a small-scale business software to automate a specific task, maybe you want to develop a cloud-based product, or maybe all you’ve determined is that you’d be best-suited by Agile software development. No matter how far-along the decision-making process, we’re here to help you sort things out and make the right choices for your business.

Using our industry-specific expertise as reference, we plan according to your unique business circumstances – while faithful to a constant-feedback policy, to insure full-compliance with your needs.

We’re in the custom software business. That means we’re used to tough deadlines, so we work well under the pressure of complex, demanding projects. We’re not afraid of a good challenge – we prove flexible and curious in the face of changing trends.

It’s ok to trust a reliable third-party with your application ideas. Sometimes, it’s for the best.

You might need an app to help streamline or automate internal business processes. Or maybe you’re working on your own software product, but need specialized skills you don’t have available in-house. You needn’t compromise: we can help. Whatever software you can imagine, we can help develop.

After assessing your software needs, we always start by constructing a development plan adequate to your requirements. This helps set measurable milestones and realistic deadlines, insuring high quality with the lowest possible time-to-market. Certified in the use of many both new and established technologies, our comprehensive background allows us to find that picture perfect mix of skills which leads to the most efficient approach.

Of course, you might need to account for shifting market trends and keep-up with the most recent technological findings. There’s no need to worry, we’re always up-to-date with the latest in our field, qualified to offer the most profitable maintenance solutions.

Simply put, our teams of experts add value to our company – so we can, in turn, add value to your software projects.

We deliver



Business Intelligence

Business Analytics and Optimization

We insure

Adaptive software maintenance
Adaptations are made to the application
as result of external factors.

Corrective software maintenance
It resolves the corrective, incidental issues and errors.

Preventive software maintenance
Plan and implement actions to avoid future problems,
based on past incidents, anticipation, feedback
and continuous improvement.

Perfective software maintenance
Carry out functional modifications.

Let go of inefficient, manual IT-operations and 20th century interorganizational communication

It’s time to take IT to the next level. Forget those straightforward, time-consuming tasks that cannot be automated. Forget identical data being stored everywhere, forget e-mails with 26 Cc-s and 42 replies. Think real connectivity.

Imagine the IT department enjoying a nearly-one-click installation process when configuring computers for new employees. Imagine all your business software could be integrated. Business process automation and efficient information-exchange between departments naturally follow, and everyone can access the information they need, while stored in a single location.

It is possible to make real-time business decisions. We can help access the full potential of your everyday applications.

No application goes untested

Testing is a critical step in the software development process. In addition to insuring the application meets all requirements and runs stably, QA Testing can uncover new opportunities for improvement, as well as help guarantee compatibility and performance.

InCrys handles the testing of hundreds of applications and new software releases every year. So, before you deliver your software product to the public, be sure to have our team take a look at it to certify that everything is running at optimum efficiency.

Our proficient quality assurance specialists deliver:

Functionality and UI testing Compiler testing Server testing (database,
directory and Internet)
Compatibility testing White box testing Manual testing
Performance testing Black box testing Test design and scripts
Load / stress testing Acceptance testing Test strategy preparation
Test automation Web testing Test plan documentation
Regression testing Internationalization
and Localization testing
Test script documentation
Compliance testing

What is offshore software development?

Offshore or nearshore software development is the practice of moving certain business functions to another country, which offers a conducive environment for that type of work. Providing services such as web development and design, software development, architecture, testing, or simply functioning as your remote team, an offshore software development company is your tech department away from home.

An offshore/nearshore partnership means taking your development needs (web, mobile, custom software development) to countries like Romania, Ukraine, or other popular destinations. The reasons why companies consider offshore development mainly revolve around the need to access quality resources efficiently and scalably, without any internal strain. The aim is to look for a country with shared values and cultural compatibility, where offshoring would be top-quality, reliable, and flexible. While the decision to move development needs off/nearshore used to revolve around cost, today expectations have shifted towards other parameters – scalable quality is the new top demand, while `cheap` is mostly regarded with suspicion, and associated with low quality work and a lack of langue skills that results in issues regarding communication.

What are the advantages of offshore software development?

  • Top-quality human resources, with no strain on your internal recruitment team;
  • Scalable crew, inconvenience-free;
  • Specific, industry-aware expertise;
  • Increased agility and a positive impact on time-to-market;
  • Focus on core business functions for non-tech companies.
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