InCrys promotes a high quality and environmentally friendly policy!


InCrys, as a software development company, strives to maintain its activity in accordance with the general rules of environmental protection. InCrys strives to affect the environment as little as possible. There are several aspects to be considered when discussing environmental protection measures.

InCrys obtained the ISO 14001: 2005 certification, which recognizes the company’s ability to control the impact of its activities, products and services on the environment.

We designed an Environmental Management System (EMS) as a set of tools, policies and procedures, training and expertise that can be used to create programs and plans and resources tailored to meet the objectives of our organization.

EMS key elements:

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Identification and prioritization of environmental impact
  • Establish measurable goals and objectives
  • Checking and establishing operational controls
  • Measurement and monitoring the activities and progress
  • Aiming for continuous improvement as part of a review (feedback) waste management cycle

As a result of efforts InCrys obtained ISO 14001: 2005 in 2011

Quality Management System
InCrys management and employees seized the fact that the implementation of a quality management system has become a necessity in terms of fierce competition and increasing demanding customers in terms of product quality. Emphasis should be placed on the strategic management of quality based on customer satisfaction, staff motivation and well-being, and a well done job for the benefit of customers.

ISO 9001: 2008 high-quality management system is implemented and maintained inside InCrys.

Social Responsibility
InCrys has set high standards regarding business conduct, from corporate and social responsibility to sound ethical principles, such as compliance with laws and regulations in force. In turn, we expect our suppliers to adhere to the same standards.

Our goal is to insure, together with our suppliers, full compliance with the principles below. We will use these principles as a criterion for the selection of suppliers and will actively monitor their implementation.