A colourful group of people passionate about technology & the wonders of information

This is us. Now one of the top technology companies in Europe, we started out in 2000 as a privately-owned-and-managed business.

From our start point over 20 years ago, to our footprint today, InCrys has enjoyed a steady growth and constant enrichment of our services. Being family-owned has always shaped our culture and provided a solid foundation for our success. We aim at close co-operation based on loyalty and fair play and always strive for building durable relationships and great partnerships, by delivering solutions and services that create genuine added value.

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Here's what we believe in

Key goal of incrys is to unleash heavy value

We’re a company with a soul, driven by our values and dedicated to finding a better way. Our Paladins (just employees in some companies) are empowered to work hard, move up and stand proud. With a 2-decade tradition of providing complete IT and Software Development services, we combine our tech expertise with the latest digital innovation to help clients thrive in the age of digital transformation.

InCrys appreciates the individual and seeks to deliver a suitable work-life balance because a motivated and satisfied employee can add immeasurable value to our clients and colleagues around the world. Success is not just a destination, it’s a journey, and you’re leading the way. We mentor and encourage each other to succeed in bringing technology to the world.

We encourage our people to see work as the better part of their active lifestyle, constantly investing in their professional development and general work-related wellbeing, with involvement in CSR programs, upskilling and reskilling opportunities, as well as opportunities for professional conversion. InCrys is currently expanding and is always on the lookout for new colleagues. Join us and become our next Paladin!

20 years of experience

This translates into maturity, hands-on project management experience, consulting proficiency, and forever-young enthusiasm.

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