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This is us. Now one of the leading technology companies in Europe, we started out in 2000 as a privately-owned-and-managed business.

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Entrust us with any outsourcing project you imagine. Come bearing only questions. You will find that we are more than your average software development company: we are your managed service provider, your IT consultant and project manager, all with the benefits of our IT support services know-how.

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20 years of experience

This translates into maturity, hands-on project management experience, consulting proficiency, and forever-young enthusiasm.

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Delivering Industry-Specific Efficiency

We help businesses from a wide range of industries become more efficient and more successful. Clients focus on their core business while we solve their outsourcing needs by offering the best technological solutions, services and specialists.

InCrys: a colorful group of technology-driven people

In-house Sourcing vs Outsourcing.
Why is Outsourcing the winning ticket?

As highlighted in a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, 80% of the top most outsourced IT activities worldwide are application development and maintenance. If you imagine financial reasons alone stand behind this decision, you’ve got another surprise coming.

Top reasons for outsourcing

  • Reducing IT operating costs
  • Improving service
  • Have internal IT team focus more on strategic tasks
  • The need to improve internal processes
  • The need for better application control and lifecycle management
  • Freedom to assign IT specialists on strategic initiatives and tasks
  • The improvement in skills the staff can gain by working with the outsourcing provider’s personnel

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Latest Certifications
& Rewarding Partnerships

We’re always keen on developing mutually-beneficial partnerships with other talented people and organizations we can learn from. In a continuous search of new trainings to enhance our knowledge pool, our teams are always certified in the use of latest technologies and methodologies.

Our Partnerships

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