How to manage services as the game-changer for your organization

Managing your IT performance for Better Business Outcomes.

A good beginning makes a good ending, so it goes without saying that choosing InCrys Managed Services is the key to success when it comes to enhance your business.

It is essential to choose a smart service at the very beginning as well as defining your goals, objectives, budget and deadlines. That is why, we’re assuring that the implementation goes properly.

When it comes to end-to-end IT solution, we are your best ally in providing the right mix of support services. InCrys designs and operates high value-added Managed Services on behalf of its clients, enabling them to focus on their core business.

Let us design, deploy and manage your on-premises infrastructures, so that you can focus on the strategic work that drives your business.

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Managed infrastructure

It’s not just about governing the infrastructure anymore. It’s about governing the full lifecycle of services – from planning and designing, to building and optimizing workloads, all the way to automate our customers business process.

Raise the availability of your servers and platforms, while we maintain your equipment and ensure its scalability. Through our solid Managed Infrastructure Services, we can certify that your network is always available when you really need it – whether it is wired or wireless.

You require flexible solutions that will easily adapt to your future needs. Infrastructures that take advantage of the new technologies, while keeping maintenance efficient. There’s a lot to consider when making network choices, and we have the comprehensive background to make the process as efficient and low-risk as possible.

Let us review your current infrastructure and provide you with a comprehensive remediation report.

Managed cloud

Day by day, cloud environments are becoming more and more concentrated. Hundreds of new features and services are introduced by each cloud provider. InCrys employs expertise and experience to manage the cloud architecture that meets your needs, whether it is private, public or hybrid.

Our Managed Cloud Services facilitate businesses of differing complexity models to redeem all the benefits of their big decision of moving to the cloud. Our heaps of experience come-in-handy to back our cloud experts deliver the best practices of the managed cloud to all our clients.

InCrys can deliver low cost, low complexity cloud solutions, as well as customised high performance and massively scaled cloud solutions for all businesses. We use these skills to provide you with a managed service that is precisely what you need and still benefit from our economies of scale.

Managed applications

Can’t afford or tolerate downtime of your business applications? We are here to help you maintain availability of critical business resources. We use state-of-the-art technology managed on your behalf to maximise uptime. InCrys Managed Applications Services helps to provide your organisation with improved app efficiency.

We can provide 24/7 operation, maintenance and patching, monitoring and alarming, backup and recovery, furthermore, additional Managed Services on request. Application delivery and management in cloud environments can be challenging without the right tools. Through Service Level Agreements (SLAs) tracking and enforcement, cloud application delivery solution lets you guarantee cloud application service levels with confidence.

Benefit now from 24/7 availability of your apps and complete peace of mind, while we ensure the performance of both your application chain and your software factories.

End user management

Are you spending too much time reacting to problems rather than focusing on the future development of your business? No more. We’re committed to provide resources that genuinely support our customers and enable their businesses to thrive, by shifting the burden of end-user support and device management to us.

Today more than ever, the success or failure of our digital enterprise rests on whether our customer has a good User Experience, and that’s why InCrys End User Management Services essentially represent our assurance to deal with your tech issues and requests within a given time frame, so that your business never underperform.

We provide all forms of first & second level support to ensure the end-user’s computing facilities are running well, such as:

  • Service desk provides 24×7 information and support
  • Automated monitoring and proactive management
  • Designated team to oversee account performance and deliver maximum customer value
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