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If you are on the lookout for a cloud partner, we are here to make your migrations as seamless as possible.

Businesses nowadays are seeking innovative ways to grow and accomplish their business goals. With the help of cloud computing, this business will keep on growing in the future, as the ability to work from anywhere and from multiple devices has resulted in innovative work cultures.

InCrys Cloud Services will help you transform your business into a cloud, as we provide an end-to-end integrated view across all your IT assets (Applications, Infrastructure, and Process) that might get impacted in your Cloud journey.

With an experienced staff and detailed design and implementation procedures, we have what your business needs to get the most functional services available.

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Cloud strategy and architecture

Whether you’re a firm believer in the benefits of the Cloud, or you’ve just begun looking into it, the advantages are bound to prove significant enough to impress. More than that, a Cloud Strategy is a part of an overall IT Strategy, therefore is part of a broader Business Strategy.

Once in place, the Cloud solution is flexible and easy to upgrade and administer, it’s reliable, and it’s secure. It increases flexibility, as it enables users to work from anywhere, and minimize the risk.

There are many ways to cloud adoption. However, to gain the efficiency and scalability required to drive innovation, you need an anchor partner with experience. At InCrys, we developed a strong Cloud Strategy and Architecture Review, to help your business move towards a more agile method of service improvement, by preparing you for the migration and assisting you through the changeover.

Take the first step in giving your organization the key to competitive differentiation and success, is to ensure your cloud investment can support tomorrows business challenges.

Workloads assessment

With the Workload Assessment Services we explore your organization’s current environment and prioritize focus areas to enable and accelerate cloud adoption.

In other words, we examine your applications and the underpinning infrastructure, comparing against service offerings and new technology platforms now available and determining the appropriate placement of these workloads to improve delivery and reduce spending.

Our engineers and strategists will guide your team through a series of interactive exercises to assess goals, perform a risk assessment and gather requirements, so that you have a solid foundation for cloud adoption.

Are you ready to transform? InCrys brings over two decades of experience and a comprehensive approach to migration, ensuring the very best in current and future state workload assessments and results-driven migrations to get you where you want to be.

Workloads migration

Evaluating cloud options to meet the demands of scale and elasticity? No more – we provide a secure and seamless workload migration service that maps the overall movement of your business sensitive data and workloads from one place to another, and advise you on the requirements and environments where rehosting, replatforming, repurchasing or refactoring is best suited.

Workloads migrations has proven benefits in terms of cost reduction, scalability, optimized performance and regulatory compliance. An interconnected array of infrastructure, software and data drives the organisations business services and powers every aspect of the operations.

Moving mission critical services across the infrastructure is challenging, but we succeed. We provide automation, delivery frameworks and field expertise to successfully navigate the data centre infrastructure and migrate across to public & private cloud.

If you’re already aspire about your future state, let’s start a conversation and find the solution that’s best for you.

Platform as a service

Looking for the right cloud approach? No more – we offer the perfect service to quickly change your business needs through cloud solutions.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a critical part of how companies set in motion cloud products and how consumers use them, planned to support the rapid development, running and management of apps, simplifying the relationship between fundamental hardware and software layers.

PaaS allows to develop far easier, reduce coding time and add more development strong points to the team, through ready-made tools. InCrys has high-quality specialists focused on taking away the tension of infrastructure, to ensure that innovation is always front of mind, enabling companies to maximise all the potential advantages they can receive from cloud services.

Embrace the cloud with confidence. We are here to help you make the right choices.

Software as a service

Wondering if there are industry-specific challenges to cloud migration? Yes, there are, and that’s why we are here to choose the particular model depending on your business requirements, functionality and integration with other business systems.

Software as a Service (SaaS), also known as web-based software or hosted software, is a distribution model where your business has its applications hosted on a cloud, in different data centers, which makes it available to the consumers via the internet and from any web browser.

SaaS applications grant global accessibility by providing massive databases and lots of technologies that can be used at anytime and anywhere, which reduces costs and improves performance.

Test InCrys SaaS and stop concerning about software performance interruptions and unavailability.


Considering microservices to rapidly accelerate digitalization of your business? We can help.

To innovate, you need agility and velocity, that’s why the trend has grown popular in recent years, as businesses look to move towards a continuous testing. Microservices solve the challenges of monolithic systems by being as modular as possible. They make testing easier because each unit is a self-contained individual service and you only need to test the ones that change.

Regardless of the microservice pattern you end up choosing, you will be able to enjoy some of the benefits that come with implementation.

Don’t be afraid to use microservices to enhance your business agility. Get in touch and let us help you make that giant leap for your organization.

Legacy app migration & refactoring

Want to refresh your business through an approach that minimizes upfront risk and focuses on defining and migrating incremental pieces of functionality? We can develop your idea from concept to reality.

Legacy applications incorporates everything from applications developed in-house, to well-known applications customised to the organisation’s unique needs, thus one of the biggest challenges we sometimes face, is managing the transition from a local server to the cloud, with minimum impact on business performance.

In the end, we make your transition smoother and ensure your legacy app migration is successful, by setting you up a continuous modernisation through 6 simple steps: a software audit – get the team onboard – evaluate all microservices – get your app ready – develop your phased migration plan – migrate your legacy app to the cloud.

Let us unlock the full potential of your Legacy App.

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