What is Robotic Process Automation?

‘Robotic Process Automation’, or Robotics, is the use of software to ‘mimic’ the actions a human user would perform on a PC at scale to automate business processes that are highly repetitive, rule-based and use structured data

RPA Technology has the capability to rapidly automate Standard Operating Procedures of existing business processes without any changes or intrusion to the server side of the applications used by the Operations team to complete business transactions

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RPA Characteristics & Strengths

Cost savings
productivity increase


Compliance & Risk

New options & flexibility

Manageability / Risk reduction

Control back to
business functions

RPA Key Features

Advantages for companies:

  • Runs automated process, available 24/7, quick reassignment
  • Scalable, resistant & sustainable Workforce
  • Seasonable adaptability, workforce quickly adjusted to activity peaks
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Informative analytics with data easily collected and analysed
  • Retained and Engaged Innovative Workforce
  • Customisable full audit trail, MI reporting/monitoring, single point of control, clear exceptions handling
  • Securely managed processes, protected sensitive data
  • Integrated assets towards a Digital Business

Advantages as RPA developers:

  • The tools are structured on the .NET platform
  • The tools can be used by any person, but it is advisable to have a background in programming to bring added value to automations.
  • In addition to tool’s features, it can also be added various .NET libraries and code modules (VB, VBScript, JavaScript)
  • The projects are generally short-lived, diversified, dynamic, constantly offering new challenges and the possibility to grow in the IT field, being aware of the latest technologies / applications / services.

We believe there are five ‘Critical to Success’ factors for an effective RPA program

InCrys RPA Approach

For clients willing to implement RPA, InCrys provides three levels of service ranging from assessment and delivery to a full RPA service

Robotic Process Automation
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