The Agile Foundation course enables attendees to become fully functional and efficient members of Scrum teams. This 2-day training offers an introduction into Agile-Scrum methodologies and best practices, guiding users into accurate planning, production, estimation and tracking Scrum techniques.

Trainees will have gained the ability to function with an Agile mindset within an Agile-Scrum team, able to implement all required methodologies, when guided by a certified Agile-Scrum Mater.

Agile Project Management and traditional Project Management are radically different, just as Agile processes are substantially different from classic methodologies. Instead of planning, guiding and leading, the Agile Project Manager facilitates, trains and leads.

Throughout this 3-day course, attendees learn how to efficiently function as Scrum Masters, and lead fully functional Agile development teams, while helping to implement Agile methodologies throughout their entire organization – the Scrum Master is responsible for accurately implementing Scrum and other Agile-related procedural changes.