We believe quality and success go hand in hand.

We believe quality and success go hand in hand. We understand the pressure of quickly validating your software in a fast-paced market. Thus, we want to take care of your organization’s testing responsibilities so you can focus on the mission-critical aspects of your business.

We have the expertise and the drive to help you assess and implement the right methodologies to achieve scaling, minimize costs and improve the quality of your products.

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Manual Testing

Manual testing is the backbone of the testing process. Our team has the knowledge and ingenuity to make sure your application meets the system requirements. Stay ahead your competition by releasing software without major flaws or vulnerabilities. Get in touch with us. We’d like to share more about the types of testing our team is conducting, so that your end users can have a seamless experience.

Validating the software against the functional requirements
Running tests to ensure that previously developed and tested software still performs well after a change
Verifying the compatibility of the application and the product with different computing environments
Checking the design intuitiveness of the product with the real users in mind
Verifying the quality of a product for a specific culture or locale
Verifying the interfacing between interconnected modules and then testing the application as a whole against functional and non-functional requirements

Automation Testing

We understand the challenges of rapid development cycles. Let us build your CI/CD pipeline and integrate our test automation frameworks or build on top of your already existing solutions. This will increase your agility of responding to customer demands while maintaining a high level of quality. You will mitigate risks early in the SDLC, cut costs and achieve higher test coverage.

Reach out to us and get more insights on how we can leverage the latest test automation techniques for your APIs or Web/Mobile Apps.

Let’s see if we can get your attention with some of the tools and frameworks we’ve recently used. We embrace challenges and advocate for the solution that fits your needs best, so our expertise stretches far beyond this list.

Performance Testing

The ability of your product to handle well increased load has an impact on the user experience and your company’s reputation. We can conduct a wide range of tests to assess how scalable and stable your system is. Knowing the amount of load the system can withstand is the first step for removing bottlenecks and safely releasing to market. Drop us a line and see how we can have an impact on your business.

Load testing
Detecting performance issues under heavy loads of traffic and data processing
Spike testing
Monitoring the system behavior in the event of sudden spikes
Endurance testing
Verifying the system capacities in handling certain load either at or over a long period of time
High availability testing
Making sure that back up servers can takeover if primary servers go down
Disaster recovery
Checking the disaster recovery plan in a controlled environment to test its effectiveness
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