Feb 07, 2017

COBOL InCrys Internship Program


Author: Alexandra Stanculescu

Get your resumes ready, young software devotees: we’ve started a new internship program! In response to the increasing demand among our clients for COBOL developers, which couldn’t be met by recruiting existing experts alone – because, well, there just aren’t enough of them out there – we’ve decided to help train some new specialists ourselves.

Naturally, this initiative has been met with a bit of confusion from young software enthusiasts: you want to have an internship program on what? Why? Who even uses that anymore? We hope this article answers some of those questions. If we’ve missed anything you think we should add to this FAQ, drop us a line in the comments section, and we’ll be sure to update!

Why would I learn a 58 year-old programming language in 2017?

COBOL may be about as old as your dad, but it’s no has-been in the programming landscape; actually, it’s unlikely that it will go away anytime soon. That’s because it has some huge players backing it: banks.

Financial institutions operate with highly sensitive information, so they’re not willing to risk re-designing and re-coding their entire software systems with a more `hip` programming language simply because COBOL is old. This fact in itself creates a considerable demand: banks have money, and banks want COBOL developers to create new features for their applications. Pretty straightforward equation.

It’s a niche-skill, and that means yes, there are less job-offers out there than there are for – say – Java, but it also means those in the field are considered more valuable, and companies will make more of an effort to keep them happy if they know they’re really difficult to find.

Why not just hire `your dad`, who already knows how to code COBOL?

Most of the people who’ve learned how to code COBOL in its golden age are now retired, or pretty close to calling it a day and buying that fishing boat. There’s a need for `fresh blood` in the field, for new perspectives and ideas, using tried-and-true means. You’re dad’s cool, but it’s time for new recruits to take over the industry.

Are you sure COBOL is not dead? I thought it was out there with the likes of Turbo Pascal.

We’re pretty sure. As an offshore software-development company, we get recurring demands for COBOL projects – hence the internship! If you still need to know more, we’re always open for a talk – email us at careers@incrys.com or drop a comment in the box below, and we’ll help address any concerns or questions you may have.

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