Server Administration

Food&Beverage – Streamlining IT operations

The Client

Our client, the Netherlands branch of an international manufacturer and distributer of alcoholic beverages, is a company with large-scale, complex IT&C infrastructure needs. With more than 5 000 employees worldwide, and an operating presence in more than 100 countries, this company has to manage IT with a global mindset, in order to insure efficiency.

The Goal

The mother-company has developed a complex IT architecture, to meet its large-scale needs. Scalability and adaptability are difficult with such a multinational climate, and are made more so by the different processes and systems adopted across the organization’s different branches. The parent company decided to unify all of these branches, from an IT-architecture perspective, in the interest of creating a more easily-manageable, future-proof, cost-effective global platform. As a result, their Dutch subsidiary was instructed to adhere to the global platform, by migrating its entire infrastructure.

Our Challenges

Our client needed to integrate an enterprise Cloud Managed Services solution, migrating its entire network infrastructure to an enterprise Cloud facility, located outside the Netherlands. The platform as a service (PaaS) solution was chosen for its proven flexibility, as well as the Cloud Managed Services for SAP Applications Platform feature – which offers complex SAP ERP software environment facilities, used with daily manufacturing and distribution processes.

Though InCrys has comprehensive experience with deploying large-scale Cloud Managed solutions, overseeing the entire project remotely and transferring the infrastructure to another country required our best display of implementation skills. Downtime was a critical subject with this project, as the company couldn’t afford much interference with daily operations.

The Solution

As with previous downtime-sensitive mitigations, InCrys suggested we condense all mitigation work during a single weekend, in interest of minimizing interference with everyday processes.

Well-accustomed to complex Cloud implementations and transitions, our attention to details and careful planning paid off, helping to achieve this complex transition, involving more than one hundred servers, in just two days.

The Results

By migrating to a cloud-based environment, the Dutch branch helped standardize and streamline IT for the entire organization.

  • our client achieved cost-effective IT management, supported by a pay-per-use pricing model, which allows fair, accurate billing
  • the standardized architecture helps make upgrading and managing significantly more efficient
  • the solution is easily scalable, ensuring a future-proof investment and favoring sustainable growth.