Software development

Medical – Reporting and Internal Monitoring

The Client

Brotac Medical Center is an in-home care and physical therapy clinic of nation-wide reach based in Bucharest, Romania. Established in 2006, the organization enjoys an endorsed, internationally-compliant quality standard, with a strong involvement in humanitarian causes.

The Goal

All clinics are required to align their reporting methodologies with the nationwide government-approved designated application. With our client’s specific activity, however, the process required a lot of manual input, making reporting extremely inefficient – so inefficient, it took a dedicated resource their full monthly work-hours just to accomplish this task.

As a result, the clinic came to InCrys requesting we develop a custom, Brotac-needs-tailored reporting application that would interface with the government-approved software, automating a significant part of the record-keeping process.

In addition to the state-regulated bookkeeping, our client was in need of a more private type of reporting: an internal monitoring tool. Brotac’s high quality standards advanced the need for a mobile, agile way of tracking their physicians’ job performance.

Our Challenges

The most delicate part of the job was interfacing the two applications, as this involved a complex, demanding testing process, which we had to manage in the agreed timeframe.

The internal monitoring application featured additional interface-reconciliation assignments. Such software has to be reliable, while multi-device compatible. It also needs to interact with a web-mapping service and technology application, in order to provide dependable logs.

The InCrys Solution

Selecting the right talent for the job was the key point in the favorable outcome of our project. The ideal developer had to bring together skills in integrating multiple systems and in working with multiple platforms, and extensive involvement with database management applications. In addition to this, InCrys provided comprehensive industry-specific insight, by choosing a multi-specialized developer with a medical degree to become part of the team.

Job success also depended on adopting a suitable working model. As close collaboration and constant feedback were required, InCrys suggested a custom Agile-inspired methodology, a collaboration system fitting both short-term projects and Brotac’s particular circumstances alike.

While maintaining close communication with the clinic, InCrys developed a bespoke reporting application, characterized by flexible architecture and agility.

When the new data management system received client approval, we developed our mobile monitoring application. The software allows practitioners to submit a record of all performed duties, enabling code-based client validation for this process. In addition, the physician’s location is detected and revealed to Brotac in real-time, via integration with Google Maps.


The Results

The project has proven to be an overall accomplishment. Both applications were delivered bug-free within the agreed time-frame, insuring stable, reliable systems for increased everyday job-related efficiency.

  • The full-time job has become an hour-long task due to process automation
  • Our client has turned the collaboration with InCrys into a regular practice, requesting integration of more reporting functions, in interest of eliminating most manual interaction

InCrys has shown accurate business insight throughout our collaboration, involving human resources of extensive medical industry background. The custom reporting tool they developed for us completely eliminated the need for a dedicated record-keeping employee, while their real-time internal monitoring application helps our company secure a higher quality standard. The success of the implementation has determined us to extend our collaboration with InCrys, in order to make such improvements to other branches within our clinic.’ – Daniel Drugau, Brotac Medical Clinic IT Manager