Server Administration

Financial – Private-Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

The Client

This prestigious Netherlands-based financial institution enjoys a stable, international market presence. In spite of their lengthy industry history, their young, fresh approach promotes sustainability and flexibility.

The Goal

Our client was ready to give their datacenters a full makeover. With such sensitive information being involved in their daily operations, the natural solution was a Private-Cloud-powered infrastructure. The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution would have to support virtual development, test and production functions for all our client’s applications, while reducing maintenance cost and increasing flexibility.

Our Challenges

Because this was a highly complex, large-scale implementation, everything had to be perfectly planned and timed. Our Network architecture had to ensure reliability, sustainability and efficiency. Though this was a company-wide change, our client couldn’t afford interference with day-to-day business processes, so downtime restrictions were naturally quite pressing.

The InCrys Solution

The first task was implementing the Virtual Machines (VMs) in the Private Cloud. These VMs were going to support the development, system test, and exploitation test and production systems. Given the scale of this implementation, this step was a complex phase in our network development and deployment process.

After this phase was successfully completed, we had to ensure network connectivity for all of our client’s IT systems.

In the interest of decreasing management-related costs and minimizing issue-resolve-time, a System and Service Management (S&SM) was suggested, to help automate updates or other changes and support efficient incident-resolve – while constantly monitoring all systems and applications. This S&SM solution also allows InCrys to manage the entire Private-Cloud infrastructure remotely.

The Results

Spanning across a longer period of time due to its complexity, the project challenged us with a lot of opportunities for error or for miscommunication-related delays – challenges we’re glad to have overcome.

  • IT-related costs were reduced by 25% with the transition to the Cloud, automation and remote management
  • Sensitive-data security is ensured by the Private-Cloud Model
  • Our client benefits from a future-proof, flexible infrastructure.