Gaming – Code-in-a-Day Bootcamp-Training

The client

King is a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world, and the largest game developer on the Facebook social network. People all around the globe are playing their games, with more than 195 titles in over 200 countries, including the world-famous Candy Crush Saga. King has 356 million average monthly unique users, and the company continues to design and develop new entertainment regularly.

The Goal

Our client wanted to provide some of the non-coding employees within their company – like testers, designers, Scrum Masters and managers – with a better understanding of what is involved in coding, in the interest of a better Agile sizing, a better look over the development process in general, and in some cases even a future career-shift towards hands-on development. They contacted us for a custom training.

Our Challenges

King needed this experience to condense as much information as possible in as little time as possible, in order not to interfere with the other day-to-day responsibilities of the attendees. This meant that our custom workshop had to take our non-coding participants for an extremely intense and fast-paced ride through programming essentials, while making sure we don’t confuse them, so they take home relevant insight. From ‘what programming means and how an app could look like’, to FrontEnd-BackEnd and down to Database, our Bootcamp had to cover it all, in an easily-digestible style.

The InCrys Solution

Our custom Code-In-A-Day for non-coders Bootcamp had to feature the best, highly charismatic and most experienced trainers. The success of this experience relied strongly on their ability to engage attendees and make complex information feel fun to learn.

The goal was to have every non-coder in the room play with a few lines of code by the end of the day, making sure they have a better understanding of the overall development process, and hopefully a new-found curiosity regarding the field of programming. That’s a lot to demand from a one-day experience, but a carefully-designed workshop, orchestrated by leading trainers with impressive hands-on programming experience, could make it happen.

Two of our best coders, with broad, complementary expertise, were chosen for this task. Their captivating personalities and love-for-the-job were vital in making the experience feel manageable for all participants, helping to awaken professional coding-curiosity in our non-coders. A carefully-designed workshop presentation helped drive cohesion to the event, naturally taking attendees from one topic to other, and into the final, practical part of the Bootcamp.

The Results

Our Code-in-a-Day for non-coders Bootcamp was a condensed, comprehensive look into the complex programming world. We hope our attendees now have an increased curiosity about coding, and that some will perhaps consider more in-depth training, in the interest of a potential career-shift towards this fascinating field.

  • Attending Scrum Masters and managers can leverage their understanding of the development process to better assign tasks, estimate deadlines and oversee projects;
  • Designers now have an overall understanding of how their work will be implemented, making collaboration between departments more efficient, and allowing them to imagine with consideration for what bringing their ideas to life will involve;
  • Testers now know how to more efficiently report bugs in order to speed-up fixing for their programming colleagues, and overall understanding of the complexities behind the applications they’re testing aids in the testing process.