Software development

Cultural Institution – Custom Financial Analysis & Projection App.

The Client

Part of the Bucharest National Opera, the Bucharest Operetta is a Romanian Cultural Institution, converging over one hundred years of cultural-entertainment.

The Goal

Our client needed to document and forecast the day-to-day financial information using a unified and reliable tool. When they approached InCrys, Bucharest Operetta was using disperse tools for management of everyday financial aspects – such as money orders, contracts, invoices and any related record-keeping. This meant the financial department had a lot of tedious, time-consuming manual tasks to perform on a daily basis.

Bucharest Operetta required an analysis and financial projection application tailored to their needs. In addition to automating reporting functions and efficient few-clicks record-keeping tools, our client wanted the software to assist with a more accurate budget-forecast for each show, based on data from previous events.

Our Challenges

Designing software that is both a reliable monetary-projection application and a multi-format, user-friendly everyday financial tool requires a team with the right set of skills. The appropriate people for the job had to have significant multi-format integration experience, user-friendly design savviness, and financial-software background.

Our client wanted to take financial predictions to a more automated, tech-driven level, and increase the precision of budget evaluations. Responding to this required competent assessment of all variables, as well as careful and patient testing.

The InCrys Solution

With the right expert managing the project, the InCrys team accurately designed the prediction algorithm, according to Bucharest Operetta’s specific parameters.

We proceeded to develop the application, based on our client-tailored prediction algorithm. With automation and design-friendliness in mind, the InCrys team implemented and rigorously tested the software – while assisting our client in becoming familiar with it, in order to make the most of its features and insure compliance with their specifications.


The Results

The Bucharest Operetta Analysis and Financial-Projection application was not only a successful collaboration, but also a challenging, innovation-engaging project we’ve enjoyed working on. Bringing together maturity and enthusiasm, our team helped our client streamline internal processes, automating a significant amount of time-consuming manual tasks.

  • Our back-office application significantly decreased time invested in reporting, automating most of the record-keeping work
  • The financial prediction software helped estimate budgets realistically, with just a few clicks
  • User-friendly design eased the transition to the new working model.