Software development

Education – Custom all-in-one Assessment, Reporting and PR App.

The Client

Avenor College is a British-Romanian private educational institution. Its internationally-certified methodologies and the impressive academic achievements of the students it teaches attract hundreds of admission requests every year.

The Goal

In their effort to provide a superior level of service and help parents stay connected to their children’s school-life, Avenor College wanted to implement a customized communication tool, enabling their PR department to send newsletters once every 2 months, as well as weekly updates and other notifications, whenever needed. The application has to support personalized reporting, allowing the institution to generate papers on attendance, teacher activity and other information related to the academic practice.

In addition to this, our client wanted to provide their employees with an intuitive, few-clicks online student-record-keeping application, allowing them to immediately update grades, attendance, and other information related to the academic practice. In interest of further improving teacher-parent engagement, the web-based application was to feature a private parents-section, where they would be able to access their children’s records in real-time, from anywhere.

Our Challenges

It was clear to us we had to design with a particularly high level of user-friendliness in mind, especially where direct user interaction was involved. Our consultant quickly realized the back-office reporting application would have to provide structure to a noteworthy level of complexity – offering support for multiple formats, and enabling automated generation of attendance papers, student achievement reports or other academic-practice-related records.

The InCrys Solution

In addition to a strong Agile background, the InCrys team ensured experience with multi-format applications, as well as endorsed user-friendliness with previous designs.

The InCrys active-listening skills helped construct a productive interaction with Avenor, highlighting all critical project features and promoting efficiency through a feedback-driven working model, adapted to project circumstances.

With the right mix of technologies, InCrys delivered an effective, task-automating PR tool – allowing on-demand report-generating with just a few clicks, as well as helping to smoothly disseminate information.

Our next task was to implement an online grade-record, enabling teachers to easily update student grades and attendance reports, and add notes on special achievements or warnings. The application helps further automate reporting, providing quick, search-enabled access to student-records for all teachers and educators.

We then moved on to the real-time-reporting application, which allows parents to access to-the-minute children’s academic performance information anywhere.


The Results

The project was successfully completed on time, founding a trust-based business-relationship.

  • The InCrys team succeeded in accurately identifying Avenor’s needs, insuring client-satisfaction through committed listening and a feedback-centric working model, leading to a productive, ongoing collaboration
  • The software helped significantly improve parent and student satisfaction, through real-time, mobile-enabled access to relevant information.

Our work with InCrys has been effortless and productive. Their team’s engaged way of communicating helped pinpoint our needs, suggesting elegant solutions to all technical challenges, some of which were being fixed before they even made the to-do-list. We’re enthusiastic about the next steps of our collaboration, looking to secure excellent student and parent relationship standards.’ – Diana Segărceanu, Avenor College Managing Director