Comprehensive Cloud-Consulting for the Telecom Industry

The Client

NobelBiz is a market leader in the US Call Center industry. Founded in 2003 NobelBiz offers reliable and competitive Call Center Services providing both outbound and inbound calling. The flagship NobelBiz patented LocalTouch® product is a game changer for outbound services as it increases the outbound contact rate by 30% and returned call rate by 400%.

The reliable contact center expertise offered by the Nobel Biz suite aims at delivering a set of revenue generating compliant technologies not found among any of its competitors. The NobelBiz Shield – Compliant Suite of Technologies provides patented services, including LocalTouch®, a compliant caller-ID management service, SingleTouch®, a TCPA-compliant mobile phone solution, MobileTouch®, a “safety net” which blocks cellular devices operating outside of standard protocol, and RightTouch ®, which prevents time-zone violations and provides a frequency filter for call attempts.

These service integrations take advantage of the combined versatility of the Nobel Ltd. carrier infrastructure and NobelBiz’s many complete contact center, unified communications and quality assurance offerings targeted at both SMB as well as Enterprise segments.

Further information regarding NobelBiz can be found on the company website: http://nobelbiz.com.

The Goal

With a constant will to explore new opportunities and diversify their approach to offer cutting-edge services to their clients, NobelBiz wanted to investigate the possibility of launching a new service, NobelBiz Cloud. Another business service that would leverage the existing know-how, market presence and resources, the service would be offered to existing clients with the hope to attract new big clients in the future.

NobelBiz’s plans were ambitious, and feasibility checks and careful, experienced planning were required to make the right decision about proceeding to add the service. They needed a competent consultant, experienced with large-scale Cloud implementations.

Our Challenges

Consulting projects are of course theoretical by definition. A lot of the hands-on experience that would help resolve arising issues on-the-spot never gets to be put to the test, so this know-how must be redirected into trying to foresee every possible detail of the hypothetical implementation.

The biggest challenge with every consulting project is going beyond the ideal deployment steps into trying to predict the unforeseen difficulties which might arise. When dealing with such difficulties spontaneously, the team engages creativity and experience into finding the best solution in-the-here-and-now, and all you need do in the planning phase is give your people a bit of maneuvering room, to respond to unforeseen issues. When constructing a theoretical model of an implementation, the consultant must invest their creativity and previous know-how into attempting to predict what might go wrong, and estimate time and budget accordingly. This ability to accurately predict potential problems is the mandatory requirement of any successful consulting project.

The InCrys Solution

Leveraging our comprehensive, all-around Cloud expertise and the insights acquired throughout many successful projects, InCrys put together a detailed, pragmatic Cloud deployment plan. Focusing a lot of our attention on providing reliable, accurate time and budget estimates, InCrys analyzed everything that might go wrong and attempted to plan ahead and provide solutions.

Accounting for every detail, we tried to offer the most accurate picture of all steps to be taken with such an implementation, in order to give NobelBiz an accurate decision-making basis.

The Results

Aided by the InCrys detailed account of the Cloud-service-launching, our client had a competent decision-making basis, and an accurate picture of what he could expect when engaging such an implementation.

Nobel Biz now offers cloud based services, such as SMRT Touch™, the award-winning, cloud-based routing solution that allows inbound call centers to optimize resources while increasing the reliability of their own services, and the automated compliance tool, DragonNet™, designed to raise the standards of the call center industry by ending the illegal abuse of robo-calling.

InCrys showed valuable insight throughout this consulting project, helping us gain a realistic understanding of what we were to expect. Their expertise was essential to our decision-making process. Leveraging an in-depth understanding of our business-profile and specific challenges that might occur with such a project, InCrys provided a dependable time-and-budget estimate, as well as a step-by-step, realistic hypothetical analysis of our idea.’ – Thomas C. Knobel, NobelBiz Founder & Chairman

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