Software development

NGO – Complex Reporting, Database Management & Record-Keeping

The Client

The Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania is a non-profit organization engaged in ensuring internationally-compliant standards in the financial auditing field. Providing certifications for Romanian and foreign auditors, with a responsible focus on education and quality, the organization supports rigorous professionalism.

The Goal

The Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania deals with a highly complex database. Their many departments and intricate internal structure ensure an all-round approach to auditor-competency evaluations, providing a transparent, accurate fee-calculation-system for each member. An aspiring auditor’s quest towards being accredited takes them through a number of phases, and with each status they’ve earned comes the involvement of a different department within C.A.F.R..

These intricate ramifications demand particularly solid logistics, as well as flawless inter-department communication. To better accomplish this, C.A.F.R. needed to redesign and process the entire database, creating a complex back-office management and reporting application. With the same efficiency-boost in mind, they wanted to have an entirely new web-interface and web-based reporting tool, with which different types of users could interact – ensuring real-time access to the information each user and branch needs, without disclosing any sensitive, confidential data. Our web-based application had to synchronize with the accounting-software for the tax-related functions, as well as provide some basic HR tools.

In addition to this, our client needed a stand-alone, easy-to-install dedicated application for their internal-monitoring department. The software was to support auditor-evaluation-plans, and a number of evaluation-forms covering different sets of circumstances, which the user would download and then update accordingly via web, after the evaluation.

Our Challenges

With a database containing over 250 custom reports, in addition to the different department-related personalized data, going through the database to process and redesign it was a serious test of the InCrys project management skills. Without competent planning and next-to-obsessive attention to detail, this critical project phase could’ve never met the deadline successfully.

The particularly high level of complexity and many gigabytes of information to work with and accurately integrate in our application required a great deal of information-exchange between the InCrys team and our customer, more so than with one’s average project. It was critical that no sensitive information be made available to the wrong department/user profile, or vice versa. Getting everything right and obtaining all the information we needed to do our job efficiently, without disrupting C.A.F.R.’s everyday operations, was a demanding phase of this development.

The InCrys Solution

The endorsed InCrys active-listening skills, our passion for order and attention to detail have kept development moving at the right pace. After having collected all the data we needed, we started by getting the database up-to-day with C.A.F.R.’s current needs, redesigning it to insure full-compatibility with all the applications it was to interact with, including the functions we were about to develop.

After this critical step had been completed and team and client felt they were on the same page, we started work on the back-office management and reporting application. Client feedback and an Agile working model were essential at this point, in interest of insuring full compliance with their requirements. The stand-alone, user-friendly internal-monitoring department’s dedicated application was next on our agenda.

The most technically-demanding phase was developing and testing the web-based application, and insuring specified access for each user category and organization branch, as well as reporting and tax-calculation functions. Aiming to create a balance between fastest-possible time-to-completion and full-compliance with client needs, our Agile Project Manager delegated responsibilities with multi-tasking in mind.


The Results

Our team successfully completed the project, achieving compliance with client needs. Though it was to be expected that the testing phase would be highly complex and laborious, with our client’s patience and cooperation, we’ve managed to have everything up-and-running in due time.

  • The Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania has made the collaboration with InCrys an ongoing relationship, requesting monthly maintenance and development of new features
  • InCrys software has helped our client become more efficient in their daily operations
  • The web-based application provides higher client-satisfaction for C.A.F.R., by helping their users mange reporting with more ease

Our easy-to-install stand-alone reporting application for the internal monitoring department has provided increased agility and accuracy for evaluators.

We had outgrown our previous applications, and such a major implementation is a task every organization fears. The InCrys project manager made everything easier for us, through frequent, carefully-organized feedback, making us feel actively involved in the development of different functions. Their drive and attention to detail, as well as their patience in understanding the highly complex internal workings of our institution, have had significant positive impact on the outcome of this project. I’m confident that our collaboration with InCrys is going to continue in the same productive, efficient manner in the future.’ – Marius Burdusel, The Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania CEO