Dec 17, 2015

InCrys – A decade-long ongoing journey

Author: Carmen Serban

This year is my 10th job anniversary at InCrys. Naturally, realizing this got me looking back. Has it already been a decade?

In 2005, when my story as an InCrys employee begins, I was in my second year at the Academy of Economic Studies. That’s all. I had literally zero hands-on experience. InCrys saw my potential, and hired me as their accountant, part of a department consisting of me and one other colleague. We were 40 people in total at InCrys, and our numbers were growing steadily. I had to adapt and develop my skills constantly in order to keep-up with things, and I think that was a great career boost in those early years.

My employer’s trust meant a lot for my development. Being made responsible for things made me feel responsible and want to learn and grow. Building a strong relationship with my employer is important – if I spend 8 hours/day 5 days/week somewhere, I want it to be a place I feel comfortable with and can evolve in.

Today, I’m a Senior Finance Lead at InCrys. My department has grown over time, and obviously so has the company, as we’re now about 300 people. I keep educating myself. The company’s stable development has allowed room for my own. Learning is supported and encouraged here, and we invest in our people’s future. This has been a major factor in my professional loyalty throughout the years. The stability I feel my job offers also allows freedom for personal growth in my life, and the work-life-balance mentality is vital for an employee’s happiness.

This is an ongoing journey. It’s not just about a 10 year-long employee record. It’s also my anniversary as a senior accountant, now with 10 years’ experience, and the story of a company’s development seen through the eyes of a Finance Manager. By now, InCrys and I have become sort of old friends. We know and challenge each other.

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