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May 14, 2015

All work, and some play

InCrys Happy-Hour

Author: Alexandra Stanculescu

Some of our colleagues, guided by their InCrys Team-leader, Sorin, took-on bowling and pool challenges this Tuesday, after working hours. A regular practice among our teams, this Happy-Hour event gives co-workers a chance to spend time on mutual hobbies and passions, which ultimately leads to more efficient cooperation with work projects as well – after all, it’s much easier to work with someone you feel comfortable expressing ideas around. A little friendly-competitiveness helps everyone unwind, and engage their creativity to perform better – and it’s obviously a lot of fun as well!

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  1. Vlad Sorin says:

    We really had a lot of fun and the Happy Hour took more than 4 hours 🙂 ! Waiting for the next opportunity to meet my team ! Well done guys…and girls ;-)))) !

    1. Alexandra says:

      It was indeed a fun experience! Hope to be blogging about other such InCrys events in the future.

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