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Jan 21, 2019

Roadmap to success – Power Sourcer

Having a great idea and working hard to see it done was the recipe for success

Author: InCrys

At the beginning of the year, we are grateful for the achievement of last year and we are making plans for new resolutions. We can`t forget that November was a wonderful month for our company and especially for our young RPA team.

In mid-November UiPath had one of their biannual Hackathons that challenged 18 teams of programming enthusiasts to find practical solutions for a better city. They set the standard for innovative, creative and doable solutions using RPA technology to ease the work of human individuals. One of the 18 teams competing was our InCrys team that gathered 4 of our former interns, now permanent members of our team of specialists. Gratiela, Irina, Sorina and Mihnea put on their best efforts to figure out the best solution to win this competition.

Let’s remember the Hackathon
Just imagine a marathon of 36 hours, but instead of running, the participants use their brain power to rise up to the challenge that UiPath set, using RPA programming technology. 72 brainy participants rose to the occasion, during 36 hours of intense work in the race to have the best idea for the project and implement it.
We are the champions

Being the first time they compete in this kind of contest, you can imagine the emotions were high for our 4 RPA enthusiasts. But w never doubted their knowledge for a second and encouraged them effortlessly to give 100%. And so they did! Therefor InCrys is proud to say that the Hackathon was won by our wonderful team.

From winning idea to implementation – Power Sourcer
Having a great idea and working hard to see it done was the recipe for success. After 36 hours of intense concentration and good team work, the 4 young Musketeers wowed the jury with their original pitch. But this was just the beginning of their journey. The project that won them the UiPath Hackathon trophy last year is now an ongoing project for them as part of InCrys`s RPA programming team.
Seeing the need of automatization on today`s fast moving market, their idea was transformed in a bigger project – Power Sourcer.

How it works
One of the biggest challenges that the IT Industry is facing these days is recruiting new skilled individuals from a very competitive market. Starting from the challenges that recruitment departments and recruitment companies are dealing with every day, the team found a big need in the sourcing process: analyzing the possibility to automate the sourcing activity, they came up with a solution that called Power Sourcer.

The main purpose of Power Sourcer is to partially or totally complete the activity of a sourcer – the result is more speed, low risk and cost efficient work with better quality.
Power Sourcer optimizes the process of Linkedin searches based on the criteria specified by the user and extracts from the platform a list of ideal candidates in less than 1 minute.

The resulted information can be used to create recruitment databases and candidate pools for the active projects and needs. Another important feature is reducing the time spent for contacting desired candidates – Power Sourcer automatically reaches the selected profiles via email, InMail or Linkedin Message in order to establish an interview.
The process output is an Excel hierarchical file containing, for each candidate, details such as: name, job title, company, time spent in that company, location, total experience in the workplace. Along with this, another part of the output is an extended set of actions that can use the extracted data, such as: send automated invitations to connect with the candidates that are not in your list of connections, send customize e-mail, InMails or Linkedin messages to the selected candidates.

From idea to implementation, Power Sourcer is a great project designed by InCrys`s RPA programming team to boost your business efficiency and help it stay on top of the fast moving business environment.

Stay tuned in 2019 to see the outcome.

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