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Jan 22, 2015

InCrys greets the start of its 15th year in the Tech-Outsourcing business with a new Website

Author: Alexandra Stanculescu

InCrys is happy to announce the launch of our new corporate website, www.incrys.com, designed to better illustrate the mature-but-flexible approach to technology-outsourcing that defines the company upon entering our 15th year in the business.

With a daring design, featuring tech-mood-setting films ‘starring’ actual InCrys employees, and custom in-house-made corporate photographs, the website aims to highlight InCrys’ versatility, professionalism and mature playfulness.

www.incrys.com balances bold design and practicality, striving to offer comprehensive relevant information about the company’s services and portfolio, as well as useful technology-related articles of general interest to the business world. Developers looking for a self-expression-friendly office environment will also find relevant content within its pages. The new website attempts to engage the user, making the functional quest of acquiring information pleasant and intriguing.

Our old website was no longer in line with our ambitions. We wanted to welcome our 15th year in the business with a corporate website that would accurately speak for all of us, highlighting our mature-yet-flexible perspective. We hope visitors will enjoy an alluring corporate journey throughout the state-of-the-art incrys.com.

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