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Jan 30, 2015

InCrys announces winners of the second Questionnaire-Challenge contest

Author: Alexandra Stanculescu

We know nobody’s particularly fond of 2 hour long questionnaires about programming & related-methodologies, and we were in need for quite a few volunteers. Especially with all the challenging actual-programming-related tasks to be done under accurate deadlines, we knew this would not be a thought our people would greet with excessive enthusiasm.

However, everyone loves free tech – so we’ve decided to reward two of our brave volunteers with a substantial voucher for a renowned tech-store.

This seems to have made everyone happy: we started receiving the questionnaires we needed, accurately and patiently filled in, and our programmers started regarding the task as a chance-game, participating with enthusiasm rather than out of sense of commitment.

Now that the questionnaires have been filled in, we’ve used a simple and fair way of choosing the winners: we dispensed a number to each of our participants, then selected our two winners using an online random number generator.
Announcing our 2015 Questionnaire-Challenge winners has officially started what we hope will become a yearly tradition, as it’s the second year in a raw that InCrys organizes this contest.

Our winners, Victor and Ana Maria, are welcome to claim their prizes. Thank you all for participating, and we hope you’ll be submitting again in 2016

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