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Jun 21, 2019

10 key ideas following the Franco-Romanian economic forum – “The stories that change the game”

Tomorrow's opportunities start today with ambitious projects and innovations that changes the rules of the game.

Author: InCrys

The Economic Forum “The stories that change the game”, organized by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIFER) and the Romanian Committee of French Foreign Trade Counsellors (CCEF), gathered for one day, in Bucharest, specialists from economic areas that have discussed the prospect of a future economy based on innovation, agility, automation, technology and cross-border cooperation.

10 socio-economic key areas, 46 Romanian and French speakers (among which CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, culture and civil society), 30 years of French-Romanian cooperation in retrospective and perspective, start-ups and technologies which changes the world, face to face with frequent cliches at the economic forum “The stories that Change the Game”, which marked 10 key ideas:

  1. Today, in Romania, there are over 3.000 French companies that generate about 120.000 direct jobs and trade over 9 billion euros – Viorica Dancila, Romanian Prime Minister.
  2. Future-oriented, the Forum aims at reducing labor market tensions, modernizing transport infrastructure, health and education, simplifying state interaction, predictability and stability of legislative regulations and EU affirmation in the EU – François Coste, President of CCIFER.
  3. Romania is no longer a low-cost country – Bogdan Cocian, CEO of Elba.
  4. We need to automate and robotize. We are compelled to remain competitive, under conditions of tensions on the labor market. Education is important, especially in dual systems. We need not only theory but also practice – Christophe DRIDI, General Manager Groupe Renault Romania.
  5. The human resource is somewhere between glory and apocalypse – Adela JANSEN, Human Resources Director of BRD.
  6. It is necessary to reform the education system, to bring young people closer to reality – Guillaume LEURENT, Deputy CEO Industrial Assembly.
  7. “La French Tech Romania” was released – the ecosystem that will provide start-up funding – Clément BOULAIS, Head of StartUp Engagement La French Tech.
  8. Talent and beauty have no borders – Vargha MOAYED, Chief Strategy Officer UiPath.
  9. Agility is the answer. We need to reinvent the management, indispensable for transformation, and it is the easiest thing to do in computer science. We need to understand that AI will replace some jobs, but at the same time will create new ones – Monica Jiman, Chief Customer Success & Board Member of Pentalog Group.
  10. A new generation of stereotypes is required, starting from making ourselves the ethical changes that we are looking for in others – Cristian Mungiu, director, screenwriter and filmmaker.

Tomorrow’s opportunities start today with ambitious projects and innovations that changes the rules of the game. Forget about cliches and let’s produce and grow talent! It is possible!

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