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Regardless of a company’s industry or size, we are all technology-enabled. Every desk-job relies on technology with everyday tasks. There’s no avoiding it.

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Which means it can either be your productive, security-insuring friend, or your no-benefits necessary evil. It’s entirely up to you.

Either way, it’s not going anywhere. IT Services and tech support do represent a commodity your business can’t do without. Your IT infrastructure can become trustworthy and efficient. We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all solution. A reliable network infrastructure is a customized, needs-driven architecture, designed with thorough analysis, specifically for a particular set of circumstances and challenges. This ensures future-proof, reliable and cost-effective solutions, which will involve far more than just a room full of servers and an operating system install-kit.

Lately, IT&C Infrastructure trends have shifted towards the Cloud. While there are many valid reasons behind this, it’s natural to feel discouraged at the thought of migrating everything – of completely abandoning your old ways and facing downtime, different maintenance rules, complete-makeover equipment costs and mitigation-associated risks.

It needn’t be a horror story. Our clients have enjoyed and endorsed what we like to call the Painless Transition. This translated to as little as a weekend-long downtime involved in migrating hundreds of machines to the Cloud. The guarantee of significantly lower maintenance fees, and, through comparison, insignificant upgrade costs. The prospect of our ongoing remote administration services. A custom-designed IT&C Infrastructure is an investment, of course – an investment in a more cost-effective, secure and enduring network.

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Security Compliance Services

Preventive security is less
expensive than disaster management

Accidents happen. Actually, given enough time, accidents will happen. Trust is an idealistic concept, when dealing with new or unpredictable employees. In our technology-enabled business-world, ‘openness’ has become a somewhat hazardous approach to people relations. It doesn’t mean you should change who you are – but maybe you should give serious thought to better protecting who you are. Tracking and controlling access to sensitive data, insuring every employee only has access to the information they need to do their job, and safeguarding your intelligence against external threats are basic must-have preventive measures every company no matter their size or profile, can benefit from.

No surprise downtime. Full compliance with your internal policy. A solid security platform that can integrate with current and future technologies. Increased trust from your customers and stakeholders.

You get internal and external protection with these effective measures:

  • IT security process design & implementation
  • Periodically compliance testing your infrastructure
  • Security status checking – health checking
  • Security incident reporting
  • Security patch management
  • Establishment of services
  • TCP/IP vulnerability scans
  • Antivirus management and updates

Remote Server & Data base Admin

Why fix it, if you can prevent
it from being broken?

If IT is not your company’s core function, in-house server and data base administration is inefficient. Time-wise, cost-wise, practicability-wise – it’s just a waste of resources. A full-time employee hasn’t got anything to do with about 85% of this work-time, and probably justifiably feels unmotivated and passionless. An on-demand outsourced IT-support is never there when you need them, so the simplest administrative issues take unfoundedly-long to solve.

So if it’s inefficient to manage in-house, and impractical to outsource it, what should you do about your server and/or database administration needs?

Outsource it remotely. It’s on-demand, but since nobody has to move from one client’s office to the other, and can just keep things in check from the comfort of their own computer, things get done within a legitimate time-frame. You only pay for what you use – when they don’t work on your server/database up-keeping needs, our employees have something else to do, so you needn’t pay them to just wait the day off. Our highly experienced team can keep things running smoothly, preventing any problems rather than fixing them after they came-up, and insuring all maintenance tasks run according to schedule, without interfering with your daily operations.

Cloud Infrastructure

How to get your infrastructure
on cloud nine, with InCrys-powered
Cloud technology

Whether you’re a firm believer in the benefits of the Cloud Infrastructure, or you’ve just begun looking into it, the advantages are bound to prove significant enough to impress. Once in place, the Cloud Infrastructure is flexible and easy to upgrade and administer, it’s reliable, secure if competently-designed. It’s enduring invest-for-the-future qualities insure a satisfying return-on-investment, while in-house dedicated IT-maintenance resources become obsolete for every non-IT organization.

You should know we’ve done this many times before – and we can help make the transition painless, with minimum downtime and adequate security in place, designing for your present and future needs. What is more, we can help maintain your new Cloud Infrastructure, efficiently and without delays, significantly decreasing administration costs. It’s no self-maintaining magic. But it is self-maintaining, for the most part. Most of our success is based on a behind-the-scenes trick: we use our pre-built, 100%-InCrys-designed-and-developed automatic infrastructure mitigation and administration software, and we concentrate our hands-on-work resources into planning, managing and insuring customer-demand-compliant efficiency.

We design and build your cloud.
You tell us what your needs are, we analyze them and your company’s profile, we discuss options with you and design and document the architecture.

We provide a secure and well-managed IT infrastructure.
Once your Cloud is up and running smoothly, we make sure it stays that way. We manage needed upgrades and updates, helping make infrastructure administration a natural process your company needn’t worry about, just like your body handles breathing for you.

Hardware Solutions

Competent architecture.
Reliable building blocks.

The most accurately-designed infrastructure will cause inconvenience in the long-run, if not adequately supported by dependable hardware.

We can help insure the right building blocks are enabling your infrastructure. With many years of fruitful partnerships with relevant hardware providers, we offer documented, needs-aware suggestions, and transparent access to the appropriate equipment.

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