Nov 03, 2017

Do employees who feel like androids dream of Robotic Process Automation?

Author: Alexandra Stanculescu

Let’s be fair: everyone hates automatable, repetitive, mundane tasks. Employees do their best to avoid such tasks – and this is true for every industry, from retail to software development to banking.

Everyone avoids these tasks, because they make people feel like machines. Such work is prone to mental fatigue, demotivation, and therefore error. So, why not assign automatable tasks that make people feel like machines, to actual machines? Let’s talk about the main benefits of Robotic Process Automation!

Consistent-quality work and high error-reduction, whenever you need it

Machines don’t get bored; they don’t have a finite attention span; they do not tire; they don’t take vacation; they work on holidays; their engagement level never fluctuates and they’re never distracted; they will never be demotivated by mundane, repetitive tasks. This means once taught how to perform their job, machines will perform it with the same level of accuracy, 24/7 – without requiring the talent of a senior manager to keep them engaged and motivated. This allows the company to secure top talent with attractive, more motivating tasks – freeing existing employees from the shackles of repetitive work.


Another thing machines no not require is a salary. Or medical insurance, or a raise, or opportunities for a promotion. The machine works faster, and does so with negligible costs once it’s set it place. You invest once into setting the system in place, and get a consistent, predictable return on that investment for years to come.

Scalability and Flexibility

The system is replicable once set in place. You don’t need to interview for weeks to hire a suitable additional machine, which speaks fluent Spanish and has a degree in accounting while being fit for the company culture. You just purchase an identical additional machine, replicating the same functions at a higher volume. Case in point being, the process can scale as your business needs demand, allowing easy replication across different geographies and circumstances. This helps mitigate risks associated with fast-paced business growth, and provides a foundation of standardized processes.

Compliancy and Information Security

Sensitive information can be processed by machines, ensuring increased security. Moreover, handing processing of sensitive information over to machines also implies disaster recovery procedures, and consistent compliance with local legal standards.

Of course, these are just the highlight-benefits, which apply across all industries and business cultures. Additional benefits you might have never even considered to unlock before, will apply to your individual situation.

At InCrys, we can provide UiPath-certified RPA specialists to analyze your specific needs and circumstances, and consult with you on the best approach to automation, to yield the most significant benefits for your company. If you’re curious to explore what RPA can do for you, we’d be glad to get in touch and talk automation!

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