Mar 10, 2015

6 reasons why you want to Outsource to Romania (part I)

Author: Alexandra Stanculescu

There are lots of good things the world needs to know about Romania. Especially where the IT-Software market is concerned. I’ve compiled a list of six of the most tempting reasons why you want to take your outsourcing needs to Romania.

1. Language proficiency

This can’t be stressed enough. And I say this with more than one side of communication in mind.

When working on a complex, medium-to-long-term software project, slight nuances are bound to come-up as a way to emphasize the importance of this over that, and just generally a way of getting your point across. If there isn’t a mutually-comfortable common language, delays are a guarantee. Briefings would last at least twice as long. ‘Oh! I thought you meant…’ would become your project’s main enemy. It’d be more confusion than you might imagine at first glance.

Think of it as being a tourist in a very ‘alien’ culture, a country whose language you don’t speak, and having to show people a picture of a plate of food to get pointed into the direction of a restaurant, of a bed to be lead to the hotel. Though it might get the main point through, it’s almost certain you’d end-up at the local meat-house as a vegetarian, or at the one-bed motel with a family of five.

Romanians are a language-proficient people. It’s common for a Romanian professional to speak as many as 3 foreign languages fluently. Finding an IT professional who speaks English, Dutch, French, Italian or Spanish is quite easy here. This does more than just benefit project briefs and help make sure deliverables and milestones are clear: it helps us create a sense of communion, by making it natural and easy to share insights, inside jokes, and major project breakthroughs. In a sense, it helps us become your employees away from the office, an extension of your company vision. Which leads us to nr.

2. Adaptability, curiosity and open-mindedness

These might not seem very significant with an outsourcing partner. After all, you’re working with them, not inviting them over for a family dinner. Still, there are major benefits to be found with a partner who understands your vision and works with you to help you reach your goals. Our curious, open-minded nature helps us work with your mindset and values in mind. This allows us to go beyond being simple implementation teams, enabling us to offer insightful suggestions, suited to your culture. Given brief time to adapt to your unique way of seeing and doing things, expect to be constructively-challenged, expect innovative, fully-functional professional ‘short-cuts from the mainstream way of doing things’, and other improvements that you hadn’t considered – because we’re also creative, imaginative people. Which brings me to nr.

3. Creativity and imagination

Though our country has been enjoying steady economic and technological growth over the last 10 years, our modern history hasn’t always been calm and steady – 25 years ago, we were professionally reborn. There’s no need to hide from this fact; we’re proud to have had to overcome obstacles in order to reach our goals and fulfill our professional dreams. At times, we’ve been forced to improvise; 15 years ago, we were still making-up for lost time and finding creative ways to rise up to worldwide quality standards with less-advanced resources. However, now that we do have state-of-the-art technological resources at our disposal, we’re better equipped to make full use of them. What was then a ‘make-do’ skill translates into our worldwide-famous ingenuity today. It’s a mindset, a most helpful asset with technology projects of any kind. It’s part of the reason why we’re ranked out there with the best of them in Top Outsourcing Countries statistics.

So how about a few statistics? Stay in touch with us through our feed, as I’ll be looking at some of the numbers around the Romanian IT&C market, while challenging you to take your technological needs to Romania, with 3 more practical reasons.

Until my next issue, I’d be pleased to hear some of your questions and thoughts – is there anything in particular you’d like to know about our people, what makes us special, and how we do business? Are you a Romanian working with foreigners, or a foreigner working with Romanians? Would be interested to know your perspectives, through a comment or email.

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