Dedicated Teams Outsourcing Model. Exclusive, long-term business relationships.

You need a specific set of skills, and project demands tolerate no compromise on proficiency level.

Or perhaps a new business-opportunity demands you supplement your team, but in-house competent resources can’t be hired overnight. You need a fair-priced quick-fix, but the task also calls for reliability and know-how, with full visibility over team responsibilities and progress. Why not get all the expertise and speed benefits of outsourcing, with the transparency, flexibility and control advantages of your own in-house team?

With 300+ available software and technology specialists and more than 15 years’ recruitment proficiency, we can hand-pick a pool of the best certified experts for you to choose from. And, with our Dedicated Development Teams model, they become your exclusive off-shore team.

As with your own people, nobody can just be replaced overnight without your knowing. These people become aligned with your company culture and vision, building a solid understanding of project goals and demands. You get full transparency: you know their salaries, proficiency level, and each team member’s current task. You enjoy flexibility and freedom to assign responsibilities however you see fit, while still benefiting from high-end, specific expertise. It’s entirely up to you to decide whether you find it more efficient to delegate team-leading-duties to InCrys, or you feel more comfortable managing your people in-house.

Choose how much to delegate

Full visibility and control. Highest efficiency with zero inconvenience

Think of it like this: the InCrys Dedicated Development Team is a branch in your organization. You could choose to directly manage all branches yourself – but, mostly due to efficiency-related reasons, you often choose to delegate management responsibilities for different departments to a trusted employee. This means you enjoy full project-reports and control over what happens and when, without having to waste time on tedious micro-management tasks. This is what our Agile Project-Manager does. With a comprehensive understanding of both marketing and technology, he has the know-how it takes to keep the implementation dynamic and end-user-aware, creating a structured foundation for creativity. The Agile Project-Manager reports progress back to you, requesting your feedback on one function before having the team proceed to develop the next, to insure the project is in full-compliance with your needs. You benefit from his internationally-acknowledged Agile training, as well as from his industry-specific background.

Your team. Your vision. As much jurisdiction as you’re comfortable with. Once all micro-management tasks are out of the way, you may fully-focus on expressing your vision and reaching your objectives. Communicating effortlessly with the entire team via the InCrys Agile Project-Manager, you’re always aware of who’s doing what, how experienced they are at it, and how much they’re getting paid to do it. You decide how much decision-making-autonomy to allow the Project-Manager. Nothing beyond that point happens without your go-ahead.

Two backgrounds add-up to more experience than one. In-depth awareness of market trends meets technical expertise with an Agile Project-Manager. InCrys assigns every PM in accordance with our client’s profile and with project specifications. This is to insure you work with someone who’s qualified to go many steps further from simply assigning tasks competently. The Agile Project-Manager understands your sector’s unique climate, has an in-depth perspective on your target-market, and a comprehensive involvement with the particular mix of technologies and skills demanded by your project. So you get the passion of a dynamic Agile Development Team, without needing to micro-manage it. We select them, we keep them motivated. We provide the tools they need to do their jobs. We make sure the project stays on track. You concentrate on your core tasks.

On-demand experts – No recruitment worries, just project-ready employees

Managing an InCrys Dedicated Development Team is as easy as it ever gets. It’s like having your own in-house team, only you felt none of the recruitment pain it usually takes to get certified people on payroll. With 300+ experts working for us and access to the most proficient tech-talent out there, we’re sure to meet the most eccentric of IT&C-software demands. Our people have all got excellent language skills, so there’re no miscommunication-related delays coming from your team. Because they’re trained to be Agile, our people have a flexible and creative approach to projects. Their dynamic, future-proof perspective makes managing the team a smooth process – tech-enthusiasts like to be kept engaged, to get a chance to contribute new ideas and take on challenges. All dedicated team benefits apply:

  • fast access to the specific sets of skills and background;
  • easily grow your in-house resources;
  • change the number of developers as your requirements change;
  • total visibility: you know their salaries and proficiency level, you know their tasks and are able to reassign or change them;
  • team stays with you throughout all development stages.

When you really need to show commitment
to your offshore team

Set-up an entire development center, inconvenience-free, in Romania, U.K. or The Netherlands. We take care of everything. You enjoy full transparency, from your employee’s salaries to the electricity bill. Leveraging our 17 year recruitment proficiency, we can ensure trusted access to the specialists you need, making it easy for your company to grow efficiently. You just say the word, and it’s there in no-time. InCrys team manages the entire process, down to the smallest details:

  • we find the place, rent it, and even brand the new office with your logo;
  • we buy the furniture and all needed appliances;
  • we set up a nice work-environment;
  • we guarantee a high-end recruitment process, with an excellent talent-pool

The process is entirely transparent. Everything is accounted for: salaries, set-up expenses, office rental fee, even the coffee budget – and of course the InCrys management-fee. Your new office. Your vision. Your new employees are aligned to your company goals. They are managed in full compliance with your needs and objectives. They can be as many as you need, at any given time. They are experienced professionals, ready to work on projects where duration, requirements and technologies often need to change overnight.

Enjoy the flexibility and freedom
to assign responsibilities however you see fit

When should I consider team extension?
Team extension works best in case you already have a development team that you manage in-house, and you are looking to add specific skills or domain expertise that are hard to be sourced on-site.

How can I be sure that the developers I hire have the right skills and will fit in well with my core team?
All candidates in our database undergo a thorough 3-level screening process so that you can be sure that you hire only the best specialists who can meet even the most demanding requirements. Moreover, you are in charge of the recruitment process – you can personally screen and interview the best candidates. It’s also up to you to make the final hiring decision. Thus, you can be sure that the specialists you hire will meet your requirements and will be the right fit for your in-house team.

How is your developers’ English level?
All of our project managers and most of our developers have advanced level of English. Our project managers also speak Russian, Hebrew and Arabic for our customers convenience.

What if we are not satisfied with the chosen developers (e.g. significant drop offs in performance, attitude problems, etc.)?
For dedicated teams who work directly with our clients, we work hard to ensure we select engineers that possess not only excellent programming skills, but also strong personality and communication abilities. In an unlikely event of drop offs in performance or attitude problems, you are advised to notify us immediately the very first time you feel something is not right so that our project manager will step in and handle the situation from the inside.
If it doesn’t help, or if you want an immediate replacement, we will replace them with a new candidate.
On our side, we provide as much support as we can, making it our first priority to ensure you are happy with your team.

We are looking to hire developers onsite. Can you help with that?
We work with many clients across the world, arranging business visits to their offices for a week or two for kick-off meetings to ensure a smooth workflow between development teams. We are setting up a dedicated team where our developers work under your supervision, use the same procedures and tools, and work the same hours just as your in-house team. Yet, most of their time all of our developers work from our office in Ukraine so that we can offer our clients a high quality service in terms of management and communication as well as a reduced pricing. We are happy to provide you with references from some of our clients so that you can contact them and see if this model may work for your company too.

When do I need to use the managed team model?
We recommend the managed team model for long-term, complex projects that require varied technical skills and close managerial supervision. You should also consider this approach if you want to hire a software development team offshore but lack the project management expertise in-house.

Will the assigned team work only on my project?
Yes. Your team will be working on your project full-time, no side projects, no distractions.

What is the project management approach, and what tools are used during the development process?
We apply various agile project management methodologies, depending on the project scope and specifics.
Some of the project management tools we use are: Jira, Trello, Redmine, and Youtrack. For communication, we can use Teams, Hangouts, Slack, Skype, or any other tool of your choice.

How can I control the development process?
Your project manager will keep you abreast with the progress through regular meetings, planning sessions, and status reports. As a result, you will always know exactly what your team is working on and why. In addition to being in constant communication with your dedicated project manager, you will have 24/7 access to our issue tracking and project management system. With it, you can see the specific tasks each of your team members are working on, their progress status and the expected completion date.

What if I’m not satisfied with the provided services (e.g. code quality, communication)?
In an unlikely event when there’s something you don’t like about the way your team works, you can always request for a new project manager or replace any of the team members. We are always ready to step in and help you solve any issues that may arise.

What are the benefits of working with a dedicated team?
To have a dedicated team working for you is like having an in-house team minus the tedious administrative management tasks, and the heavy overhead costs. The benefits are many:

  • You have a team with the exact expertise to match your project needs, readymade to you. No need to go through the long hiring process. You save on both time and recruitment costs.
  • You do not need to spend time and money to set up office space and procure equipment for your team. Yet you have the dedicated team under your full control, just like an in-house team.
  • You don’t need to spend time and energy on administrative details like leave etc., but the team’s functioning remains transparent to you. You retain full monitoring options.
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