IT Consulting. You know what you want, but will it prove to be what you need?

IT services may be excellent, while the overall solution can still be unsuitable for a particular situation or organization.

It doesn’t mean it was poorly developed or implemented. It just means it was poorly designed to begin with.

It’s tempting to overlook the importance of consulting with a field as pragmatic and hands-on as technology. But just think about it: you don’t go to the doctor to have him immediately operate on you at the first sign of an aching stomach – you want to hear his opinion first and foremost, you want to explore all options that make sense and really understand all variables, before you decide to take any action.

At InCrys, we strongly believe in this opinion-before-the-action process. If the testimonials and feedback we receive are any indication, our Technology-Consulting and active-listening skills are what makes us unique and insures lasting business-relationships. Consulting is at the foundation of every service we provide, helping you explore all alternatives, before getting your company into the operating theater.

We’re competent and insightful consultants in different areas of expertise: cloud computing and cloud solutions, software consulting, Agile, Network & Infrastructure security, Business Intelligence.

How do we help determine if what you want is what you need?

Well, we could say that it’s just because we have brought to completion so many projects, that our previously-acquired know-how gets the job done for us. And that would be true, for the most part. But a great deal of our long-endorsed consulting efficiency comes from following this simple, yet essential process:

  • we analyze project objectives
  • we identify short and long term implications
  • we highlight all possible options
  • we indicate the best solution for your needs

It’s simple, though it’s not simplistic. For us, the definition of a successful project goes beyond software or hardware – it means helping you find or create the best solution for your particular circumstances and business climate. So we might be seen making unsolicited long-term improvement suggestions or volunteering real-time information on latest best practices, and you will surely get a taste of our strong dedication.

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Let’s get you that perfect spot
up in the Cloud

Cloud is now a leading worldwide trend. And for good reason. Cloud solutions provide flexible, dynamic, cost-effective ways of storing and accessing information and applications, unlocking new infrastructure options.

But there’s quite a confusing amount of options out there – and cost-effective and efficient can easily not-perform-as-advertised if the solution is not situation-appropriate.

That’s where our consulting skills come in. We can help you analyze and filter through all of the buzz-words (like software-as-a-service or platform-as-a-service) in order to design your most efficient infrastructure.

Let’s turn those cloud solutions into business success.

We design a productive and cohesive cloud strategy. We help automate processes, increasing operational efficiency and helping to significantly reduce maintenance costs. And implement the plan in the most painless and competent manner, with the shortest possible downtime.

It’s time to get yourself into that Agile shape!

Still not Agile? You should know that your competition is probably taking the steps towards implementing this working model right now. And with good reason. There’s lots of logic behind the methodology’s worldwide expansion.

Agile since 2010, we’ve seen all the benefits live in action: higher compliance with client demands and shorter development time, due to its dynamic feedback policy; better support for flexibility and creativity; marketing know-how that meets certified technological proficiency, through the Agile Project Manager, to offer end-user-aware solutions.

Going Agile means combining the better of two complex worlds: technology and marketing. It means leveraging the marketing professional-empathy and dynamic use of communication skills, while taking full advantage of cutting-edge technology and implementation proficiency.

Openly speaking, you might want to become Agile before your competitors do.

Doesn’t everyone need a competent Infrastructure?

With infrastructures everywhere being moved to the Cloud to save on administration costs and automate maintenance, there’s a great deal to consider in terms of security. Sensitive information can’t be handled too safely, but there’s no reason to forgo efficient network upgrades just because the way we related to security has become a bit more complex. We can help you assess your network and infrastructure security needs accurately, and design and deploy the future-proof, custom solution that best responds to your needs.

You need flexible solutions that will easily adapt to your future needs. Infrastructures that take advantage of the new technologies, while keeping maintenance efficient. There’s a lot to consider when making network design choices, and we have the comprehensive background to make the process as efficient and low-risk as possible:

  • we identify your needs and requirements
  • we evaluate the existing applications and infrastructure
  • we identify risks and opportunities
  • we create solution architecture
  • we design and document your new infrastructure, ensuring adequate security is in place
  • we implement and train, if necessary

Real-time business-decisions.
Myth or challenge?

Data is not Information. Companies may generate huge amounts of data every day, without ever getting to really use any of it – in other words, without ever converting it into decision-facilitating information. While data piling-up merely means a slow and steady increase in storage-related costs, converting it into information means leveraging that data’s potential to drive real-time, better-informed business-decisions. Data is abstract – it is quantity. Information is factual – it is quality.

Than why do so many BI projects fail, resulting in an investment with little return, discouraging entrepreneurs everywhere with the ensuing horror-stories? Because there’s no one-size-fits-all-solution when it comes to BI. No ready-to-wear-application stands a chance at returning results worthy of its corresponding investment.

Accurately assessing the needs of an organization to design The competent solution requires a lot more than technical know-how. An in-depth understanding of specific industry circumstances and variables, as well as comprehensive experience and awareness of up-to-the-minute trends, are demanded when creating a successful BI application. Because most real-time business intelligence projects fail before they’ve even actually started, the planning stage is more critical than the hands-on development phase – making BI Consulting the logical first step of converting data into Information.

Our complex, global-scale successful involvement allows us to advise you of the best options, helping to create future-proof, state-of-the-art Business & Operations Intelligence Solutions.

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