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After 20 years we are senior enough
to assure effectiveness, qualified resources &
agile approach craftsmanship.

Yet young enough to be fresh,
flexible and transparent.

The Incrys 5 steps to outsourcing success

1Project description, plan and
formal documentation

  • Client needs a solid understanding of their own project, in order to accurately measure and track progress of future tasks
  • A project brief helps pass information around to everyone involved, providing a favorable climate for new ideas and suggestions from our experienced consultants
  • Co-develop project specifications, with the client contributing their insight, while InCrys engages technical know-how and experience

2Human resources and
technological requirements

  • Client lists requirements, and the final job descriptions are agreed upon; we’ll be sure all needed skills are there, and that the right level of expertise is met for each required skill
  • We define the team structure, number of human resources needed, the senior-to-junior ratio. For example, for a typical team of five, we recommend one lead developer, one mid-level programmer, two juniors, and one tester.
  • Technological/logistical needs are planned and discussed, including insuring technological compatibility, and discussing visits for meetings and/or knowledge exchange if necessary

3Forming the team, starting with
the teamleader

  • HR starts the recruitment process; we send at least 2 team lead CVs over to the client. Candidates have already been interviewd by our recruiters before their resumes are sent for consideration
  • Client’s internal technical resource, our recruiter, and the chosen candidate schedule an online interview to determine if there is a match for the team lead position
  • Once a team leader has been chosen, s/he recruits and forms his own team, with the adequate balance of senior to junior human resources

4Knowledge transfer, online workshops

  • The client briefs their new team on every formal and technical detail they need to know about the development process, such as framework, repository or formal documentation
  • During this phase, the team creates an in-depth step-by-step plan for action
  • Online conference calls or visits to the client’s location meet the project’s information-exchange needs. Knowledge transfer is a critical phase, which leaves no margin for miscommunication, so our team works to make sure everything clicks into place before moving on to the hands-on-development phase

5Work and
client feedback

  • We use a certified Agile methodology with our projects, to provide our clients with a bird’s-eye-view of the entire development process as it happens, and to give you the opportunity to make changes and adjust future iterations to new findings or circumstances
  • Iterations are sent once every two weeks for your approval, before moving on to the next iteration
  • Weekly online conference calls to provide status updates
  • Scrum meetings as needed, in good Agile fashion
Software development

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What clients say

‘InCrys showed valuable insight throughout this consulting project, helping us gain a realistic understanding of what we were to expect. Their expertise was essential to our decision-making process. [...]

Thomas C. Knobel, NobelBiz Founder & Chairman

What clients say

‘Our work with InCrys has been effortless and productive. Their team’s engaged way of communicating helped pinpoint our needs, suggesting elegant solutions to all technical challenges, some of which were being fixed before they even made the to-do-list.

Diana Segărceanu, Avenor College Managing Director

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