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Comprehensive Cloud-Consulting for the Telecom Industry

The Client NobelBiz is a market leader in the US Call Center industry. Founded in 2003 NobelBiz offers reliable and competitive Call Center Services providing both outbound and inbound calling.  The flagship NobelBiz patented LocalTouch® product is a game changer for outbound services as it increases the outbound contact rate by 30% and returned call […]


NGO – Complex Reporting, Database Management & Record-Keeping

The Chamber of Financial Auditors in Romania is a non-profit organization engaged in ensuring internationally-compliant standards in the financial auditing field.


Education – Custom all-in-one Assessment, Reporting and PR App.

The Client Avenor College is a British-Romanian private educational institution. Its internationally-certified methodologies and the impressive academic achievements of the students it teaches attract hundreds of admission requests every year. The Goal In their effort to provide a superior level of service and help parents stay connected to their children’s school-life, Avenor College wanted to […]

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What clients say

‘InCrys showed valuable insight throughout this consulting project, helping us gain a realistic understanding of what we were to expect. Their expertise was essential to our decision-making process. […]

Thomas C. Knobel, NobelBiz Founder & Chairman

What clients say

‘Our work with InCrys has been effortless and productive. Their team’s engaged way of communicating helped pinpoint our needs, suggesting elegant solutions to all technical challenges, some of which were being fixed before they even made the to-do-list.

Diana Segărceanu, Avenor College Managing Director

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